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San Diego’s Lovely Belle St. Claire is Right at Your  Fingertips… 

Welcome to my world, an entirely new world with old world charm.  Or perhaps it's better described as a forgotten world few gentlemen in this age have experienced.  You will find time stands still in my presence and there are no clocks in sight.  You can't rush perfection.

I choose to entertain a select few.  Your gratification is my number one priority and I dedicate the entire day to you.  You are more than a transaction to me.  You and I deserve more than that.  You are a person with needs, desires, and untold fantasies left unfulfilled.  Tell me all of your secrets.  Open your soul to me.

Being an exclusive model and companion, I prefer long standing relationships with like minded gentlemen.  Those who appreciate the unique experience I offer.  Those who value the time we invest in one another.  This is an investment in your emotional well being on many levels.  I intend to send you home satisfied until our next encounter.

If you are searching for a woman who intuitively knows how to awaken your abandoned desires, you have found me.  Enjoy my site and get to know me better. You will find all the information you need to introduce yourself properly.  If you have unanswered questions include them in the message section of my contact form.  Please be thorough.  

Because I am selective, it is imperative you make a good first impression.  I look forward to getting to know you better in a more intimate setting versus the vast world wide web.  I assure you you'll enjoy me more one-on-one when my true nature shines, as I take caution in my presentation via my site seriously.  This is for our discretion.

I hope to hear from you soon.  Until then darling...

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Belle St. Claire

To ensure you reach me an initial email, as well as a text, is highly suggested and preferred. Though rare, same date appointments are a possibility given ample time during the day. I hope to hear from you soon darling... 858-262-1359