About Me

Why settle for anything less?


Refined Luxury Companion, Sophisticated Southern Belle Disciplined in the Art of Seduction, and Surely to Become Your Favorite Newfound Treasure! San Diego’s Lovely Belle St. Claire is Right at Your  Fingertips… 


You will find I am the perfect compliment for distinguished gentlemen of impeccable taste searching for the crème de la crème in female companionship. Our rendezvous will cater to your specific desires. Welcome to the world of an elite San Diego companion, a world designed just for you.

It is imperative I am a discreet  unassuming lady when in public. Due to my strong ties in the community,  discretion is of utmost importance. However, I can assure you, my face  is said to be of my most appealing features. I am highly regarded by  gentlemen who seek intimacy and quality over quantity. 

I am not pretentious. I am just as comfortable camping under the moonlight as I am attending a Iavish gala. I suppose you can say I am  a chameleon of sorts, as I have a demure character in social affairs  but I’m a fire starter in more intimate settings.

As I open the door, you will find a classic brunette beauty with sensual lips and a striking smile. My smile can warm the hardest of hearts and it will surely light up the room. I have an infectious laugh that has been known to bounce of room walls. 

My legs are endless and I am told I have an exceptional derriere. All this aside, most men find my clever mind and gracious personality to be of my most endearing qualities. My honesty and genuine desire to please places me in a league of my own.

I am intelligent and educated with multiple degrees from notable  universities. I have received numerous awards in the field of  psychology. As a matter of fact, I added another to my wall just one  year ago. I hope this detail explains the absence of continued  exceptional reviews in previous years. 

Perhaps my involvement in  endeavors relating to the field of psychology explains why I can so  easily relate to a variety of individuals on such an intimate level. I pride myself on my insight in to what your deepest desires are from a  confidante and companion.

If you yearn for a lady on your arm at a business function, or simply private entertainment in the confines of your or my location, please get in touch. I am enchanting as well as intelligent, educated, witty and clever. I offer a discreet trouble free experience. An experience only I can provide for you. 

To ensure you reach me an initial email, as well as a text, is highly suggested and  preferred. Same date appointments are a possibility, although not  preferred, given ample time during the day. I hope to hear from you  soon. Until then...

"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it" Marilyn Monroe