Fantasy Compliments: TER Id 71131


"She met me at my hotel and when I opened the door and saw this beautiful lady I knew I had made the right decision. In fact I saw her two days in a row and it was she was all I could have asked for. We had two lunches together, great times and conversations and our private times were perfect." RSMR

"I am lucky to have known Belle for two years with a visit every month to San Diego.  Belle is not only hot and sexy but she is statuesque with dark dancing eyes. She has a beautiful happy smile, dark brown/black hair cascading around her shoulders, and a graceful body… We've gone to the theatre, to the opera, to the zoo- the many things one usually only dreams about doing with a cultured intelligent woman." WINSAN

"I got exactly what I had ordered. Belle was decked out in red high heels, redthigh highs, red bustier, and a red garter. I was seeing red and loving every second as Red is one of my favorite colors. When I came into her appartment, my eyes adjusted to the light and I was face to face with a natural beauty. She was a gorgeous, tall leggy beauty… She was awesone, didn't need make-up, wearing only lipstick. I could tell from her looks and the glint  in her eyes this was going to be my lucky day." SlammingSammy 

"Belle is incredible! Really, wow! We had some nice, fun, sexy interchange via email and phone before we set a meeting. She's a sweetheart! I couldn't wait to see her! On the day of the event, she calls from the road on her way to me and asks if I want her to bring a Jamba Juice. I know it's nothing, but how cool is that! She shows up at my door...she's tall for my taste (5'11, and I usually like 'em tiny), but really good looking….She's selective, so be nice to her so you're on her good guy list before she gets too busy." SDHOBBYIST

"I heard her wonderful voice welcoming me at her door. Oh guys, she was a stunning and statuesque lady with a well proportion body. She was wearing a blue summer dress and looking fine. She had very little makeup on her face and had this girl-next-door look. She is one provider that you can introduce to your friends or bring home to Mom and everyone would think that you have landed a wonderful girlfriend. She invited me in and offered me a glass of water and fruits. The atmosphere was friendly, comforting and warm (true GFE)." FASTCARS

" We planned for a three-hour outcall and my anticipation kept building until she canceled at the very last minute due to a medical emergency. My story could have ended there on a sour note, but Belle came through in spades, transforming my disappointment into a highly memorable and fantastic experience. In less than 24 hours after our failed rendezvous I pulled into her condominium complex and was greeted in the driveway by a tall, sexy and oh-so-welcoming Belle. In order to facilitate all of this she went so far as to modify my airline reservation for me and even covered the change fee. Unbelievable! And things only got better from there." CTIMMEO

"I can live for two months on a good compliment" Mark Twain