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What is the best way to ensure I get in touch with you? Why do you require screening information?

To ensure you reach me you must send an email, as well as a text, with the proper information: date request, time request, location, duration, contact phone number, email address, and screening information (found on the etiquette page of my site}. I require screening information for multiple reasons beginning with my physical, mental, and emotional safety. In addition, the ease with which I can screen and your information will determine if you are someone I would like to spend time with.

Why don't you have reviews posted anywhere?

I have a NO review policy and I am adamant about adhering to this policy. I adopted this policy long ago as I feel our time together should remain private for many reasons.  Discretion being first and foremost.  By writing a review of our private time together you will ensure I give you a negative reference and never see you again. If you must write a review I suggest you find another companion to spend time with. There are many lovely ladies who enjoy reviews. 

Why are you so selective in who you spend time with? What is your general availability?

I am exclusive as well as selective.  I see few new gentlemen and prefer making long standing relationships with the gentlemen I see.  I put a lot of time and effort into each date so I prefer to limit availability for that reason.  The ease with which we set up a meeting date depends on your effort/speed in providing  screening information and planning ahead.  Once I consider you a friend, I am much more apt to see you with less planning.  The gentlemen I see regularly are of high priority with me when planning my schedule. 

Do you travel, tour, or offer "fly me to you" engagements? Do you offer extended engagements?

I do not travel, tour or offer overnight engagements.  I have traveled nationally and internationally beginning at a young age. I enjoy my relaxed life in San Diego with travel peppering my schedule for personal ventures.  On the other hand, I would enjoy a day or evening adventure with you up to 12 hrs.  Even better, I would be delighted to plan an engagement catering to your interests.

What is your favorite quisine and libation?

I am a simple gal in regard to this.  I do not partake in alcoholic beverages.  I most often prefer water with lemon.  However, I opt for red bull with grenadine on occasion.  Trust me, I don't need alcohol to have a blast!  As far as cuisine, I am Vegan.  Fortunately, San Diego is filled with options.  I'd love to take you on an adventure.  On the other hand, I can always find something satisfying at "almost" any local restaurant.  However I must be honest, I occasionally cheat with dessert!

What are my options in terms of meeting locations (incall vs. outcall)?

I offer incall and an outcall engagements on a case  by case basis.  Please see the consideration page for my preference of location dependent upon duration requested.  You can also find which outcall engagements require additional consideration.  My screening for incall dates is most stringent.  My incall is a private residence in a discreet area which isn't easily accessible without my instructions.  Discretion is paramount.  I offer outcall engagements to familiar hotels as well as homes in areas I am comfortable with.  I am always conservation in dress and demeanor when visiting your outcall.


"I got exactly what I had ordered. Belle was decked out in red high heels, red thigh highs, red bustier, and a red garter. I was seeing red and loving every second as Red is one of my favorite colors.  When I came into her apartment, my eyes adjusted to the light and I was face to face with a natural beauty.  She was a gorgeous, tall leggy beauty… She was awesome, didn't need make-up, wearing only lipstick. I could tell from her looks and the glint  in her eyes this was going to be my lucky day." SlammingSammy