Get to know me...


Why settle for just another faux media persona when I'm in your midst? 

A West Coast Rarity, Quintessential Southern Belle, Bred for Discretion, and Disciplined in the Art of Seduction

I am the perfect compliment for distinguished gentlemen of impeccable taste searching for the crème de la crème in female companionship.   While I am demure and refined in public settings, I am equally alluring and seductive behind closed doors.  The perfect combination for a gentleman of your caliber.  Our rendezvous will cater to your specific needs and desires.  I've built a sanctuary for you.  A world you can be unabashedly yourself in and explore your untold desires.

It is imperative I am a discreet unassuming lady in public.  I'm sure this applies to you as well.  Due to my strong ties in the community, discretion is of utmost importance to me.  However, I can assure you my face is said to be of my most appealing features.  I am highly regarded by gentlemen who seek intimacy, a confidante, and quality over quantity.  Just as you would with a companion,  I make myself available only to the most discerning gentlemen.

In spite of my upbringing, including years of etiquette lessons and being presented to society as a debutante, I am not pretentious.  I am just as comfortable dancing in the moonlight as I am attending a Iavish gala.  I have enjoyed both lifestyles beginning at a young age.  I suppose you can say I'm a chameleon of sorts.  Demure by day, fire starter by night.   A wild free spirit said only to be predictable in my unpredictability.  I will always keep you on your toes with anticipation.

As I open the door you will find a classic brunette beauty with sensual lips and a striking smile.  My smile warms the hardest of hearts and it is sure to light up any room I grace.  You will find me endearing on many different levels, a natural confidante and companion.  One thing is for certain, you will never forget how you feel when I toss a smile your way.  My beguiling smile is accompanied by laughter known to bounce off bedroom walls.

My legs are endless and I'm told I have an exceptional derriere.  This aside, most gentlemen find my clever mind and gracious personality to be of my most endearing qualities.  My honesty and genuine desire to please place me in a league of my own.  I have multiple degrees from notable universities and numerous awards in the field of psychology.   Perhaps my endeavors relating to this field explain why I so easily relate to a variety of individuals.  I pride myself on my insight as to what your untold desires are.

If you yearn for a lady on your arm at a business function, or simply private entertainment in the confines of your or my location, please get in touch.  I offer a discreet trouble free experience.  An experience only I can provide for you.  To ensure you reach me an initial email, as well as a text, is highly suggested and  preferred.  I cannot stress this enough.  Though highly rare, same date appointments are a possibility given ample time during the day.  I hope to hear from you  soon.  Until then darling...

Yours truly, Belle St. Claire


"She met me at my hotel and when I opened the door and saw this beautiful lady I knew I had made the right decision. In fact I saw her two days in a row and she was all I could have asked for. We had two lunches together.  Great times , great conversation, and our private times were perfect." RSMR